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We've made big advancements in our Tumor Ablation, Laparoscopic, CSSD, Dialysis, Anesthesia, Cardiology, Endoscope, Obstetrics and Gynecology catalogue.

We are also an authorised distributor in Malaysia for an array of disposable healthcare products including Medical crepe paper, Dialysis catheter, Non-woven paper, Tumor Ablation, Laparoscopic and more. We've got our eyes set on becoming the leading distributor in the industry, for which we have to be efficient, dedicated, beloved and adaptable to any situation.

Feature Product

ECO Microwave Ablation System

With development of medical imaging technology, minimally invasive treatment technology on tumor under guidance of imaging system also achieves very big progress. The concept of treating tumor is changing with revolution. The damaging treatment is switching to building treatment, i.e. minimally invasive becomes the development direction of tumor treatment.

Patient Education

ECO Microware Ablation Thyroid

Ablation Thyroid is a non-surgical treatment option that can reduce the size of thyroid nodules and restore thyroid function. RFA is a minimally-invasive technique performed by an endocrine surgeon guided by ultrasound imaging.

Feature Product

ECO Thyroid

The Eco Microwave is a revolutionary device in the treatment of tumors. It provides strong tissue penetration, multi-point ablation, real time temperature monitoring and more.

It also allows for minimally invasive treatment, which promotes safer small time procedures and avoids the risks of bigger operation which include blood loss, large scars & infections.

The device helps with the treatment of Thyroid nodules which plagues many Malaysians, as well as lung, liver, bone, kidney tumors and other diseases.

Feature Product

ECO Varicose Veins

Endovenous Microwave Ablation is a latest modality for varicose veins treatment. Using Microwave energy to heat up the defective tissue. When it applies on varicose veins, it is named EMA. Microwave is also widely applied for tumor ablation.

Feature Product

DeltaCut: The Fully Automatic Reusable Biopsy System

The reusable DeltaCut is the ideal instrument for applications, if one or more tissue samples are taken from a patient in the same intervention. Two triggers allow an ergonomic handling for right- and left-handed users, completely independent of the puncture position. The puncture depth is infinitely variable on a scale from 15 to 22mm. The device has an optical and mechanical security system.

Feature Product

Bone Biopsy: System for Use on the Iliac Crest

In cooperation with physicians from various specialities, Pajunk develops sophisticated solutions for bone biopsy. With TrokaBone and TrokaCut, Pajunk offers two combined aspiration and punch cannula systems for bone marrow biopsy on the iliac crest. These differ in their material properties and design.


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